Wafaa Amer reveals a surprise about the sexual video leaked to her

The Egyptian actress Wafaa Amer broke her silence for the first time, and revealed the scenes of the leaked scene, which was collected by the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, in the series “Nesr of Upper Egypt”.

Wafaa Amer said during her hosting of the “One of the People” program broadcast on “Al-Hayat” channel: “I can say no if there is a need against what I believe in now.”

And she continued, “The nature of my roles changed 15 years ago. This scene I imagine at 6 in the morning and I looked on paper and it was an added scene.”

Wafaa Amer indicated that she read the scene quickly, without concentration.

I don’t like hearing the word or its interpretation

And she added: “As soon as I finished filming the scene, while I was in my car, I left a message to Professor Jamal Al-Adl. He was asleep, and as soon as he woke up, he told me that he would see the scene. If there are any comments or violations of the dramatic context, he will delete it.”

Wafa added: “Indeed, the scene was deleted and I do not know yet how it was leaked. At the time of filming the scene, I did not understand the meaning of the word that was said and I do not like to hear it or it be interpreted again.”

Wafaa Amer revealed that she is going to a psychiatrist so far. She added, “After every artwork, I suffer psychological tremors and need to go to a psychiatrist.”

psychological orgasms
The Egyptian artist confirmed that she has been following up with a psychiatrist for 12 years, and she feels relieved when the session ends.

She explained, “There are artistic roles that I play in which I have been subjected to great psychological stress. Like the Tahia Carioca series, I was very tired because the artist, Carioca, had many stories.”

And she continued: “All my roles are difficult, and they cause me psychological tremors. Because I am playing different characters from my real self.”

Threats of kidnapping and murder
The artist’s sister, Aiten Amer, spoke about the details of her son’s threat of kidnapping and murder.

She said: “Zaman Jali sent a message stating that my son was threatened with kidnapping. They demanded a ransom of $50,000.
And she continued, “After I got the message, I couldn’t go to my son’s school, and I remained afraid for my whole family. I installed an iron door on the door of the apartment, and my son was a man and a stump, and he liked to go to school.”

Arabic and the Saidi dialect
On her relationship with the Arabic language, she said: “My relationship with the Arabic language is good. I used to study for my son until he reached the sixth grade of primary school.”

She added: “I worked in artistic roles in classical Arabic, and they show the best feelings in the artist.”

Wafaa Amer confirmed that acting in the Upper Egyptian dialect is easy for her, as her neighbors are from Upper Egypt, and she enjoys the way they speak daily.

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