Watch: A palace with an astronomical amount is causing a sensation in the Egyptian street

The Egyptian street witnessed a wave of controversy, after detailed pictures of a luxurious palace for sale, allegedly located in Al-Rehab, Cairo, spread with a total area of ​​7,000 meters.

The price of the palace offered for sale, according to the publication, amounts to one and a half billion Egyptian pounds, which surprised many, and crowded with comments, some of them ridiculing the number that was difficult to read at first glance, as there are those who asked to write it in Arabic in order to They were able to know the mythical price – as they described it – and others prayed to God to grant them the same in heaven, according to (Russia Today).

A source stated that what was circulated about Al-Rehab Palace and its price, which amounts to one billion and 500 million pounds, is completely untrue, and there is no palace in Al-Rehab with such specifications or price.

For his part, Mohamed Samir Abdel Rahman, a real estate expert, said that Egypt contains palaces whose average price ranges from one billion only a quarter, to one billion and 200 thousand Egyptian pounds, but in a very limited number, and that price is due to several reasons.

He pointed out that this is due to the history and the distinguished location and finishing the most important thing that determines the prices of the palaces, which is what the real estate expert drew attention to. The palace can turn into a tourist or hotel shrine, or have a historical background, as well as have a distinct location on a large floor area, where The value of the land represents a large part of the relative weight of the total price of the mansion.

He emphasized the presence of these palaces in the Sixth of October and Fifth Settlement areas, as well as the new cities.

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