Watch before deletion.. The hot scenes from the movie Al-Ans wa Al-Jinn, starring the virtuous prostitute Yousra, with the hot Adel Emam. In the strongest and most violent way, she screams at the top of her voice. This is acting.

The artist Yusra She presented many Egyptian dramas, and the coolest of them was a duet that Yousra presented with the able artist Adel Emam.
One of the most famous works of Yusra and Adel Emam is the very famous movie, The Man and the Jinn, which brought together many stars at that time, but there were some scenes that were considered unsuitable for many viewers and followers.

At the airport, her family, consisting of her mother (Amina Rizk), her sister Nadia (Nahed Jabr), her uncle Hussein (Hussein El-Sherbiny), and her sister’s husband, Muhammad (Mamdouh Wafi), receive her at the airport. When she inquires about the man who was with her, her family informs her that she was not accompanied by anyone.

At her home, Fatima is surprised to find Jalal’s bag by mistake among her bags. In a family dialogue, Fatima comes to Jalal’s biography, and we discover that the name is coincidentally the name of Fatima’s ex-deceased fiancé, who previously gave her the choice between staying with him and joining the mission. It becomes clear that Fatima is still overcome with guilt and holds herself responsible for the accident of his death.

That night, Fatima dreams about her fiancé’s accident and suddenly wakes up. The next day, Dr. Fatima goes out to do some work, and more than once imagines seeing the mysterious traveler Jalal in the corridors and corridors. After that, Fatima meets Dr. Osama, her former teacher and the director of the research center in which she is about to practice. The two talk, Dr. Osama confesses his love to her and proposes marriage to her. Fatima fantasizes about seeing Jalal for the second time, and it becomes clear to her that he is another person.

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