Watch… Model Rose crosses Bella Hadid’s red lines and appears naked…and the public criticizes her harshly

RIYADH – Ruwaida bin Abbas – Saudi model Model Rose appeared, with a bold look from the signature of French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, a few weeks after the appearance of the American model of Palestinian origin, Bella Hadid.

Model Rose repeats the look of Bella Hadid

Model Rose shared her photos in a dress from Gautier, with a strange design, as the dress, described as a dress / pants, came in two different halves, part of which is a flowy dress and the other is a pants design, in violet tones and prints inspired by nature.

The dress, which some described as bold, came with prints that define the features of the body in a way that provoked the followers, as they left comments that were mostly negative.

This look is a repetition of the look of Bella Hadid, who wore the same dress in a photo session last October 9, for Vogue magazine, and its price on the sale site is 1,590 euros.

Criticisms of today’s model

A number of Model Rose’s followers interacted with her look, which they described as daring and strange, as it is an unusual look in shape and design, according to what her followers said, and some confirmed that it is not appropriate to wear except in photo sessions away from adopting it as a normal outfit, while others praised the choice of the model. Saudi Arabia.

And some said in their comments: “We didn’t agree so, Rose. I always like your clothes, but then you shocked me.” “I disgrace the dress,” “What is this look because of the lack of clothing?” “What is the disgraceful clothing?” Fail, you will not become a foreigner.”

On the other hand, some defended the choice of Moodle Rose and said: “You have finished, what is this absurd comment… You have made your entry into the world, everyone is free for himself… Leave creation to the Creator, go work on yourselves, you will conclude that you are wasting time in vain.”

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