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The Price series, episode 15, which tops the search engines on Google very significantly. The Price series is among the most famous works that have the highest views in recent times. The Price series was evaluated among the best distinguished Syrian works in 2023. The series caused a sensation because it is admired by millions of people. As the series has become the talk of many viewers on social media, the story of the series is unique and very different from the rest of the series.

Episode 14 of the series achieved a very great interaction because it witnessed many events and developments. The series discusses a very important issue in society and the role of the mother towards their children and her great sacrifices in order to manage their demands. Today we present to you important and new details about the series, Episode 15, the show dates and the series’ heroes.

The price series, episode 15

Many sources have confirmed that the Syrian series “The Price” enters the competition race between many new series and has proven its great success in a record period. Therefore, the series has become the highest viewership. A brilliant group of stars and stars in the Arab world participate in the series, and it is expected that the series will have a share In obtaining the award for the best Syrian dramatic work in 2023, according to the era of the viewers’ evaluation of the work since the start of the first show.

The story of the series revolves around a social and romantic framework around the personality of the mother, Sarah, whose husband died in an accident, leaving her with a very young child who needs attention and care. And he needs money for the treatment and the operation. Sarah works in a company and asks her manager for a sum of money. The employer agrees to give Sarah the amount she wants, but in exchange for her spending a special night with him. Hence the development of events. Will Sarah agree to the offer or refuse?

The date of the price series, episode 15

  • The series “The Price” will be shown from Sunday to Thursday on MBC 4.
  • The timing of broadcasting the series is at eight o’clock in the evening, according to the time of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, according to the time of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The series, The Price, is also transmitted through the official platform, Watch VIP, in high quality, HD.

The heroes of the Syrian series, The Price

  • Nicholas Moawad.
  • Basil Khayyat.
  • Razan Jamal.
  • Rafeeq Ali Ahmed.
  • Sarah Abi Kanaan.
  • Ali Younes.
  • grater
  • Hussein Moghaddam.
  • Directed and written by: Fikret Kadi.
  • Written by: Mr. Ali Freih.

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