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Watch the success of the Ministry of Interior in seizing the largest shipment of smuggled electronic devices from a country

The Ministry of Interior published a video that its devices were able to seize the largest shipment of electronic devices smuggled from a country to the Egyptian market, in continuation of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to combat crime in all its forms, especially smuggling crimes to protect the Egyptian economy and tighten security control over all ports in the country.

And information received by the National Security Sector, in coordination with the General Department of (Public Funds Investigations – Cairo Air Port Police), about the intention of an import company to smuggle (25 parcels with 200 cartons containing electronic devices) into the country from one of the countries as laboratory reagents, “in contrast to the truth”.

By conducting investigations, gathering information and using modern security techniques in monitoring and tracking operations, it was possible to identify the perpetrators of the incident. It was also possible to seize the shipment at Cairo Air Port and by searching it, (23983) mobile phones – (5646) smart watches – 830 Bluetooth headsets – 4409 packages of medical electronic devices, medicines and preparations were seized. High-value cosmetic – 108 kg of “suspected of precious metals” artifacts – 7936 electronic hookahs and accessories – a quantity of electronic boards for advanced medical devices).

After codifying the procedures, three of the accused were arrested, and by confronting them, they confessed to committing the aforementioned incident. Efforts are being intensified to apprehend the rest of the accused. The value of customs duties on those goods is estimated at more than 450 million pounds.

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