“Water Holding” organizes a celebration to raise awareness of climate changes and rationalize water consumption

The Holding Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation, and the Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation in the Canal Governorates, in cooperation with the German Agency for International Cooperation “GIZ” on behalf of the German government, and UNICEF Egypt, organized a celebration “Super Kemet and Future Champions for Awareness of Climate Change and Rationalization of Water Consumption” to educate 200 children Through the implementation of awareness-raising activities and interactive games, within the national campaign to rationalize water consumption, “Every point is different”, in the presence of representatives of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of the German government, and UNICEF Egypt.

The events witnessed the reception of the Egyptian adventurer, the cyclist Ali Abdo, to stop for the third time during his journey, “A Journey to the Climate Summit”, in front of a new station for the Holding Company and its subsidiaries, which aims to spread messages of rationalization, awareness and learning through games, to build a culture of water conservation among children as they are the future generation. .

The Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater confirmed its keenness to devise simple educational methods and activities that suit the different age stages of future children, provide them with knowledge and information, correct their thoughts and behaviors in dealing with water, and implement awareness activities suitable for children with special abilities. From 20 children, in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, noting its interest in spreading the idea and circulating it to all awareness departments in affiliated companies in various governorates, to start implementing it within the plans of awareness departments, as the culture of rationalizing water consumption has become an urgent necessity, in light of the increasing population growth.

The holding company explained its keenness to devise new ways to deal with water and climate issues, noting the importance of the Egyptian adventurer Ali Abdo initiative, and its societal role in spreading awareness messages about climate changes, the environment, and water conservation, and welcomed the children “future champions Junior Team” who are hired by the company. Holding is in a unique experience to evaluate the awareness materials produced, as they are the target group that the company addresses through awareness messages, expressing its happiness with these heroes, their implementation of activities and their understanding of the information presented, and gifts were presented to them.

It is worth noting that a trip to the Climate Summit is a global initiative for the Egyptian adventurer “Ali Abdo” during which he seeks to register a new world record in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest trip by electric bike, during which he passes through the various governorates of the Republic to promote and raise awareness of the effects of climate change and water and environmental issues, in the framework of preparations for a conference Climate COP27 that Egypt will host in Sharm El-Sheikh next month.

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