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We publish the first pictures of the towing of the Glory ship by the authority’s locomotives

The seventh day publishes the first pictures of the operation vessel diameter GLORY is now in the navigational course of the Suez Canal by the authority’s locomotives to repair the sudden malfunction at the embassy.

Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, stated that the authority’s maritime rescue team dealt professionally with a sudden technical failure of the machinery of the bulk ship GLORY at kilometer 38 passing within the Northern Convoy on its journey from Turkey to China, where work is now underway to tow the idle ship. per kilometer 51 channel numbering.

Admiral Osama Rabie sent a message of reassurance regarding the regularity of navigation in the canal, as the entry of 26 ships from the southern convoy was organized, and the northern convoy will cross after the ship GLORY resumed crossing the canal with the help of the authority’s locomotives.

Lieutenant General Rabie affirmed that the authority possesses the necessary rescue expertise and the necessary navigational and technical insurance capabilities to deal professionally with potential emergency situations.

The head of the authority explained that 4 locomotives were pushed forward by the Port Said locomotive with a tensile strength of 95 tons, to quickly deal with the situation and tow the ship, allowing it to resume crossing the canal again until it stopped at the nearest point in the Al-Balah area to fix the malfunction.

The ship is 225 meters long, 32 meters wide, and has a tonnage of 41,000 tons. It is affiliated with the Inchcape shipping agency.

Navigational reports record today, Monday, God willing, the crossing of 51 ships from both directions, and the number of ships crossing from the north direction is 25 ships, and from the south direction 26 ships cross the new navigational channel of the canal.

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