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“Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions open their doors to citizens in the governorates and offer goods at great discounts

Exhibitions are received Welcome RamadanCitizens in many governorates to provide food commodities and offer them at reduced prices.

The Ministry of Supply also offers commodities at the outlets of consumer complexes, at prices lower than their counterparts in the market, as well as the disbursement of ration commodities to card holders and the fifth batch of exceptional support for the most sponsored families from the outlets of consumer complexes and branches of affiliated companies..

Dr. Ali Al-Moselhy directed a minister Supply And internal trade, supply directorates to publish “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions in centers, villages, and hamlets with mobile outlets and my association in places that are far from consumer complexes and commercial chains that will enter Welcome Ramadan exhibitions, and that the discounts in these exhibitions range from 25% to 30%, as it continues The Ministry is distributing subsidized commodities to ration card holders within the current January supply decisions, with the continuation of the fifth batch of exceptional support for the most vulnerable families..

The Ministry of Supply provided fresh and frozen meat, as well as poultry, vegetables and fruits, in large quantities and of high quality, in branches of affiliated companies, to meet the needs of citizens at prices lower than those in other markets. Rationalization in the consumption of bread.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, led by Dr. Ali Al-Moselhy, Minister of Supply, is keen to provide commodities at the outlets of consumer complexes and “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions at reduced prices to reduce the burden on citizens, in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to provide all food products at all times and secure a strategic stock of all basic commodities..

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