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What are the reasons for developing the Zoo in Giza?

The Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement regarding what was reported by some media outlets and websites about the sale of the Al-Aroman zoo, in which it confirmed that this false news was completely and completely untrue, and that the two parks will remain under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.

1- exposure Zoo For neglect during the past decades, as it has not witnessed any significant development, which led to its exit from the international classification of zoos since 2004 and the death of many animals with the inability to replace or provide them with alternative animals as a result of their departure from the classification and thus their inability to compensate and increase the number of animals.

2- Failure to follow international standards in breeding and sheltering animals, along with the dilapidation of the park’s infrastructure and its lack of modernization, which was a major reason for its exit from the international classification, which called on civil society organizations, writers, thinkers, press men, local and international media, and citizens to appeal to the state in previous periods to intervene to save the park from The collapse and its return to the world rankings in a manner consistent with international zoos.

3- Within the framework of the directives of the political leadership to maximize the use of assets, raise their efficiency and mechanisms for benefiting from them, and maximize the services they provide in a better way, the Ministry of Agriculture has sought to present the issue of developing the two parks in a way that contributes to restoring them to their previous status so that they become the best international parks and provide a distinguished service to the people of Egypt.

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