What are the techniques for upgrading old faded YouTube videos?

Nvidia has turned its artificial intelligence upscaling technology into a new target, which is blurry web video, in order to raise the level of video viewed through Chrome or Edge browsers on a computer to the equivalent of 4K, and RTX Video Super Resolution was announced this week during the CES 2023 presentation,

And Nvidia will need a relatively recent GPU to take advantage of this feature, with the latest 30 and 40 GPUs listed as getting support when they’re released next month.

In practice, a video demo of the technology in action on Apex Legends footage shows edges being reduced and video artifacts minimized, and a demo shows Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution in action on a YouTube video, but his blog post notes it should work on ” Any video watched in a browser”, which should cover other streaming services like Netflix.

PCGamer reports that it supports any video with a resolution between 360p and 1440p (including typical 1080p video), up to a frame rate of 144Hz.

Nvidia Shield previously made its AI video upscaling technology available on its dedicated Shield TV and TV Pro hardware, but bringing it to the browser should make it available to a much larger audience.

The only real downside is that Nvidia limits the technology to people with the latest 30- or 40-series GPUs, which means anyone with a card older than the 20- or 10-series won’t benefit when it launches in February.

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