What does it mean?.. Discord Voice is now available for Xbox consoles

Microsoft has been working with Discord for a long time to simplify the audio experience for Xbox users, as Discord Voice is finally available for all Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Microsoft said in its official blog post that Xbox users can now chat with anyone on Discord via voice channels or conference calls directly from their consoles, and thanks to Discord Voice support, it is now possible to see who is calling and who is speaking while playing on their console. your.

The new Discord Voice integration will also support switching between Discord Voice and Xbox game chat while playing games, and it will also be possible to adjust the sound. The setup process is very easy: all you need is the Discord mobile app.

To use the Discord Voice capability, you need to link your Discord account to your Xbox account from the Discord mobile app, and this step is mandatory even if you’ve linked accounts before, Microsoft explained, and once you’re done, you can join any Discord audio channel or Connect it and transfer it to your Xbox.

In the official blog post, Microsoft also thanked Xbox Insider users for providing valuable feedback on the development process, and finally, the software giant also promised to bring more Discord experiences to Xbox in the future.

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