What does it mean that there is life hidden on the surface of Mars.. I know the details

A new study has revealed that ancient microbes can survive for hundreds of millions of years under the surface of Mars, and researchers have indicated that there is life hidden on the surface of Mars, where they say that a bacterium called Deinococcus radiodurans can live 280 million years on Mars, or nearly 300 times longer than previously assumed, if it were buried 32 feet below the surface of the Red Planet.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, D. radiodurans is also known as “Conan the Bacterium” and is a superhero of the bacterial world” due to its toughness, which earned it the title of “the strongest bacteria known in the world” in the Guinness Book of Records.

And the bacteria acts like a muscle-bound movie hero, resisting attacks from acid baths, high and low temperatures, and even doses of radiation.

While Conan the Bacterium likely did not exist on Mars, researchers believe that an equivalent microorganism could exist on the Red Planet for a similar period of time.

The new study was led by experts at Northwestern University in Illinois and published today in the journal Astrobiology. “Microbe resistance is a key factor in looking at microbial survival over geological ages on arid Mars,” the experts wrote.

Also, to explore whether life could survive in the harsh conditions of Mars, the team first determined the survival limits of ionizing radiation for microbial life, exposed six species of terrestrial bacteria and fungi to mimic the Martian surface, and contaminated them with gamma rays or protons to mimic radiation in space. They eventually reached these results that would hide life under the surface of Mars in the form of these bacteria.

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