What does Telegram Premium mean?.. and what are its advantages?

Telegram has become one of the best messaging applications worldwide, and now has more than 700 million monthly active users. This growth has been achieved from personal recommendations, as the company has not spent any money on advertising, according to the Arab Portal for Technical News report.

With the continuation of this growth, Telegram has released a new service called (Telegram Premium) with a monthly subscription, a service that helps support the continuous development of the application, and allows users to access additional exclusive features, so what is the Telegram Premium service and what are its new features?

What is Telegram Premium?

Telegram Premium is a service that is included in the Telegram application but with a monthly subscription, which allows you to access exclusive features, such as downloading large files, downloading media faster, and many other exclusive features.

The contributions of subscribers to Telegram Premium will help improve and expand the application, according to what Telegram indicated in its announcement of the Premium service on its official website.

Telegram Premium Subscription Features:

After subscribing to Telegram Premium for $4.99 per month, you will get additional features including:

• 4GB file uploads – the equivalent of 4 hours of 1080p video – instead of 2GB, and unlimited storage in the Telegram Cloud. However, all Telegram users will be able to receive and download these large documents, regardless of whether they have a Telegram Premium subscription or not.

• Follow up to 1000 channels instead of 500 in the free version.

• Create up to 20 chat folders, each containing up to 200 chats.

• The ability to add up to 4 accounts with different phone numbers in the Telegram application.

• Pinning up to 10 conversations in the main list instead of 5 conversations.

• The ability to reserve up to 20 public ( links, making any group or channel you create a shortened link.

• Save up to 400 GIF files instead of 200 in the free version.

• Faster download of media and documents.

• Get access to exclusive big stickers, featuring additional effects and updated monthly, as well as thousands of emojis that can be added in chat messages. All of these stickers are visible to all Telegram users.

• The ability to write a longer profile about yourself in the application with the addition of a link.

• Adding animated images to the profile, and they will appear animated to everyone inside the conversations, and in the list of conversations.

• The ability to convert voice messages into written texts, so that you can read voice messages instead of hearing them.

• The presence of additional features for privacy and security settings, such as the ability to automatically archive and mute new conversations.

• Stop advertising messages that appear in some public channels.

• Obtaining a special badge that appears next to the name in the list of conversations, at the top of the conversation, and in the list of members in groups.

• The ability to change the shape of the application’s main icon on the phone screen, as there are three icons to choose from, which are premium star, night sky, or turbo-plane.

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