What does the “alt text” feature on Twitter mean to help visually impaired people

Twitter rolled out a feature to help blind and visually impaired people read photos included in Tweets via a new photo description reminder.

Alt text is a written description of what’s in the image that can be captured by screen reader software used by the visually impaired. When you add an image to a Tweet, you have the option to describe it using alt text, also known as a digital image description.

“Our new image description reminder is a feature that prompts you to get in the habit of adding alt text to every image you upload and share on Twitter,” the company said.

“We’re rolling out our new image description reminder globally, and most people on Twitter can already access it (those who don’t have it very soon),” Twitter announced. Low bandwidth, those with web phones, and anyone who wants to know more about an image.

“Photo descriptions help describe the photo to people who aren’t able to see it, so it’s important to keep the text focused: capture what’s important, be brief, be objective,” Twitter said. Additional descriptive is available for the image.

Twitter recently added an ALT badge, a closed caption toggle button, and captions for voice chats on Spaces and voice tweets.

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