What does YouTube Ambient Mode mean?..and how can I run it and benefit from it?

YouTube recently revealed Ambient Mode, a new aesthetic improvement that gives an immersive viewing experience by adding a splash of color to the background of YouTube’s user interface. Videos in Ambient mode seem to extend beyond the player’s frame; This effect is supported by Android, iOS, smart TVs, and web browsers.

How do I turn on Ambient Mode?

Ambient Mode is automatically turned on or enabled once you turn on Dark theme on YouTube. To select Dark theme on YouTube, follow the steps below:

Click on your YouTube profile picture

– Select the “Appearance” option

– Select “Dark theme”

How do I turn off Ambient mode?

– Go to settings

– Press Ambient mode

Toggle to disable or turn off Ambient mode on YouTube

Does dark mode increase battery life?

-Dark mode helps you save approximately 30% to 50% of your phone’s battery.

How do I know if a video is playing in Ambient mode on YouTube?

-When you choose a video to watch, the color of the dark background surrounding the video player will gradually change to match the video footage.

Does The Light theme support Ambient mode on YouTube?

Light theme does not support Ambient mode.

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