What is the fate of the moon in light of the global competition to reach it?

Man’s passion for the moon has turned in some countries into a desire to reach it, to be stationed on its surface, and to obtain the forefront of space discoveries and achievements, which put them in a circle of intense competition, or as NASA described it as the “space race”, in which about 6 countries, including the United States, China, India, Russia and the Agency, are racing. European space and South Korea.

And although ambition did not start with an obsession, it started with an idea, followed by a lot of work, experiences and lofty goals, and the first step was the beginning of the long journey of millions of miles..

A small step for man, it was like a giant leap for humanity, which made the impossible, invented space shuttles, and often used good technology..

According to “Sky News Arabia”, some countries were not satisfied with their possession of vast areas on the surface of the earth, and they began to compete for the possession of the moon, and here began fears and conflicts and the race began..

The US space agency NASA aspires to have a permanent presence on the moon by 2025, so it launched the first “Artemis” mission to the moon, which is an unmanned orbital vehicle..

And after China was excluded from the International Space Station in 2011, Beijing finished work on its Tiangong space station, which enables it to expand its influence in outer space, and these steps mean sending multiple missions to the moon from both countries over the next decade..

And the arena of space conflict does not only include the United States and China. India, Russia and the European Space Agency also have their own plans, including South Korea, which republished pictures of its first lunar mission..

The outer space treaty drawn up by the United Nations prevents states from imposing their sovereignty over the moon or any celestial body..

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