What is the iCloud + cloud storage service? And what are its features?

Apple’s premium cloud subscription known as iCloud+ provides users with additional features and additional storage space for your data, backups, and photos. You can easily upgrade to iCloud+ from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC. After you upgrade to iCloud+, you’ll be billed monthly.

Plus, you can share an iCloud + storage plan with up to five other family members. When you set up Family Sharing, family members who accept the same get instant access to iCloud + features and additional storage.

What are the features of iCloud + Premium?

After upgrading to iCloud +, you can access the following features:

iCloud Private Relay: Hide your IP address and browsing activity in Safari and protect your unencrypted internet traffic — without affecting browsing speed.

Hide My Email: You can randomly generate email addresses that forward to your personal inbox to receive email without revealing your personal email address.

HomeKit Secure Video: The Home app allows you to connect security cameras in your home so that you can record and watch footage from anywhere and keep it private and secure.

Custom Email Domain: Your iCloud Mail email address can be customized with a unique domain name. It is possible to invite my dear ones to use the same domain with their iCloud mail accounts.

Can I upgrade my iCloud + subscription or downgrade?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your iCloud + storage plan or downgrade. When you upgrade to iCloud +, you get additional storage space. An iCloud + plan with 50GB, 200GB, or 2TB storage is an option.

How do I access my iCloud account?

Visit the iCloud website and use your Apple ID to sign in. If you’ve already used your Apple ID to sign in to your device and it had Touch ID or Face ID, you can use that to sign in to iCloud.

Is iCloud plus free?

You immediately receive 5GB of free storage when you sign up for iCloud, and you can upgrade to iCloud+ if you need additional iCloud storage or want access to premium features.

What happens if I cancel iCloud plus?

If you clear your iCloud storage, the data you have stored will not be deleted, but if you have more than 5GB stored, you will not be able to sync any new data. The process is the same for both canceling and downgrading to a less expensive paid plan.

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