What is the “water drop” icon in the Apple Watch? And how can it be operated?

Apple Watches are water-resistant, which means you can keep them on your wrist nearly all day long — despite your workouts, swimming in the pool, lake or ocean, and even if you’re stuck in the rain.

To prevent you from accidentally tapping the watch face while in the water, Apple Watches are equipped with a Water Lock feature that temporarily locks the screen and helps remove any water from it when you return to land.

Here’s everything you need to know about the feature and how to disable it when you don’t need it:

What is the water drop icon on the Apple Watch?

The water drop icon is associated with Water Lock, a feature of the Apple Watch that prevents you from touching or interacting with the Apple Watch screen when you’re in water.

And if you forget to turn on Water Lock before going into the water, your Apple Watch’s water resistance won’t change (just your ability to interact with the screen), and you can clear water from the speakers by manually turning Water Lock on and off once you’re out of the water.

How to turn on Water Lock on Apple Watch

1. Swipe up on the Apple Watch face to open Control Center.

Here, you can also turn on sounds, Wi-Fi and Do Not Disturb, Abigail Abisames Demarest

2. Scroll down and tap the water lock icon. It looks like a raindrop.

You will see the blue Water Lock icon at the top of your watch face when Water Lock is turned on

Quick tip: The Water Lock turns on automatically when you start a water-based workout, and these include pool, open-water swimming and windsurfing.

How to turn off Water Lock on Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch isn’t responding to screen taps, Water Lock may be on. To turn it off, rotate the Digital Crown until a blue water drop fills the gray circle.

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