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Where is the photographer?.. The perpetrators of the scandalous act on the Misr Bridge were released

In a new development regarding the scandalous video incident that shook Egypt during the past hours, including MWitness immoral between a young man and a girl on a bridge in front of passers-by In broad daylight, the Public Prosecution ordered the release of the perpetrators, while the search for the photographer was underway.

The Public Prosecution demanded police investigations about the one who filmed and published the clip circulating on social media, and indicated his intent of what he did.

It also ordered the release of the young man and the girl after their admission of committing the disgraceful act, if each of them paid a financial guarantee of one thousand pounds.

An outrageous act in the middle of the day

This came after the statement department in the Public Prosecutor’s Office monitored the circulation of a video clip on social media showing a scandalous act in the middle of the day, after which it received a notification from the police to identify the young man and girl, aged 18 and 19, and was able to seize them.

The Public Prosecution, according to a statement by the Public Prosecutor, notified the child helpline of the incident, and interrogated the young man and the girl about the accusation attributed to them, so they admitted that they had committed the indecent act shown in the clip during their walk in Cairo due to the emotional relationship between them.

The Public Prosecutor’s statement included that the young man and the girl indicated that this act had occurred since last April, denying their knowledge of the person responsible for the filming or publishing.

In addition, the Public Prosecution called on parents to take good care of their children and establish them in a correct manner.

From the scandalous act video

From the scandalous act video

urgent trial

It is noteworthy that an Egyptian lawyer had submitted a complaint, on Sunday, to the Public Prosecutor against the videographer and his publisher on the communication sites, demanding that he be investigated and referred to an urgent trial.

Dr. Hani Sameh, the lawyer who submitted the communication, told that he submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecutor bearing No. 38 Petitions 2023, accusing the photographer of filming the incident from kilometers away and with a camera equipped with a zoom and a magnifying telescope that was not authorized to be used, adding that the photographer posted the video on websites Communication to reap views and earn profits, which was achieved after the video received millions of views.

It is noteworthy that the investigations of the security services had revealed that the girl called “N.K” was born in 2004, when she is 19 years old, and that the young man called “Y M”, born in 2005, is 18 years old and a year younger than the girl, and that they are still in Secondary school, and they live in the Sharabia area, north of Cairo.

They confirmed that they decided to go out for a walk and walk on the coastal bridge near their area of ​​residence until they were caught by a phone camera of a resident of the real estate built next to the bridge and overlooking it.

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