Who is the dancer Linda, who retired after appearing in a famous clip?

The name of the dancer, Linda, has reappeared on the scene recently, after her latest post on her Instagram account.

Where “Linda” published a post on Instagram, in which she said: “Disclaimer.. my respected fans and followers, although I am happy with your love for me, which is the same I feel towards you, but it should be noted that I left the artistic field two years ago and am currently working in my field of work. I wanted to tell you with that.”

And the dancer, Linda Martino, is an Italian-Egyptian dancer, with Egyptian origins and an Egyptian father. She joined and graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science. She became a professional belly dancer because of her love for Egyptian music and songs.

The story of the dancer Linda with Nasr Mahrous

The dancer, Linda, was famous for her appearance as a dancer in the clip “Dhareb Alawi” by singer Mustafa Shawky, and the clip achieved a large number of views, reaching 2 million views.

But Linda was surprised when producer and director Nasr Mahrous filmed a new version of the clip, but without her scenes, which surprised her.

“Linda” said that she refused to implement Nasr Mahrous’s request and film the clip in a dance suit, so that the focus is on the content of the song and not on her clothes, explaining that she had to agree to the clothes she wore in the clip, and the agreement was that her filming would be from afar, indicating that she was not angry. Who deleted her scenes from the clip, but she felt sad because she was wronged in this matter.

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