Why did Koller, the new Al-Ahly coach, refuse to lead the Polish national team with a “wheelchair”?

It was not easy to convince the Swiss Marcel Koller to take over the task of coaching Al-Ahly Club, as the 62-year-old coach worked throughout his training career in Europe, and he did not think much about the idea of ​​training in the Middle East or Africa.

Al-Ahly’s negotiations with Kohler succeeded after the veteran coach decided to return to training after a period of “temporary retirement” due to a knee injury he had sustained since 2020.

During Kohler’s injury and his absence from training for nearly two years, he received many tempting offers, most notably from the Greek national team, then received an offer from Poland, and other offers from major clubs in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Interestingly, the Polish national team insisted on contracting with Koller and offered him many financial temptations, and the Polish Federation even offered the new Al-Ahly coach to train the Polish national team using a “wheelchair” or “crutches”, but he rejected this idea completely, and assured the Polish federation officials that he He will not agree to train any team unless he recovers from the knee injury by 100% so that he is completely ready to be on the field and follow his team’s players from the line and direct instructions to them naturally.

Kohler continued to reject offers from European and Arab clubs and teams until he received an official and serious offer from Al-Ahly, so he agreed to it, and the deal was signed and announced the day before yesterday.

During his career, Kohler coached 6 clubs, namely, St. Gallen, Basel, Grasshopper and Will, the Swiss, and Bochum and Cologne, the German team. He also led the Austrian national team and led it to reach the tenth place in the FIFA classification of the best teams in the world.

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