Why is the Egyptian economy attractive to Egyptians abroad?

In light of the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war on various countries of the world, especially the United States of America and European countries; The opportunity is widely available and prepared for Egyptians abroad, who are in the millions, to invest in Egypt and benefit from the growth of the Egyptian economy and the profits achieved by companies in Egypt, which are among the highest profits in the world.

Egyptians abroad can also benefit from the current situation by increasing remittances and participating in investments, whether real estate investments, agricultural investments, industrial investments and other various projects, in light of the great suffering in which European countries have fallen in particular and the high cost of living significantly.

And in light of the severe and major crisis in the energy sector, especially natural gas, as Europe relied heavily on natural gas from Russia and was dependent on food from Russia and Ukraine, and thus affects the European citizen significantly, who suffered and still suffers from high energy prices.

At the same time, the attractiveness of the Egyptian currency and the diversity of investment projects serve as a great door for Egyptians abroad to invest, and there are actually many special proposals among Egyptians abroad to invest in Egypt, for example, thinking about making a huge city for Egyptians abroad so that plots of land are sold there. them at reasonable prices and in hard currency, and this project will attract at least $5 billion by providing facilities for Egyptians abroad to participate in the new city and buy land, in addition to the possibility of opening the way for Egyptians abroad to enter some equipment, machinery or cars in return for deposits that are transferred to banks in Egypt.

It is also possible, according to the proposals of some Egyptians abroad, to invite Egyptians abroad to contribute to supporting the Egyptian economy by increasing remittances, especially since a large number of Egyptians abroad prefer to place deposits in Egypt to benefit from the large returns on them, which is not present in Europe or in America, and this Of course, he also needs to communicate more with Egyptians abroad and activate the role of the communities in a big way.

This point is particularly important because the interest abroad is weak compared to Egypt, in addition to benefiting from the exchange rate and benefiting from the stable economic situation in Egypt compared to many countries.

There is also a proposal, for example, that Egyptians abroad can be invited to transfer some of their savings to Egypt and enter into large projects that can be organized through entering the state with a certain quota and open the way for these to enter, similar to the Nasrid contribution to the new Suez Canal project, with guarantees provided to them And provide them with various investment incentives.

It is also important to take advantage of the Egyptians’ relations and open the way for them to attract foreign investors to Egypt, and benefit from what they have of high technology, and they benefit from investment incentives in Egypt.

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