Why tourism warned those wishing to travel for Umrah?

11:53 PM

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Books – Youssef Afifi:

The Chamber of Tourism Companies called on citizens wishing to travel to the Holy Land to perform Umrah; The need to be wary of some fake programs that spread from some brokers and brokers, which depend on providing virtual visas to citizens, away from the procedures followed in traveling for Umrah trips through the Egyptian portal for Umrah.

This came after the Chamber received a notification that a number of citizens wishing to perform Umrah could not travel due to their violation of the Egyptian Umrah Gate Law No. 72 of 2021, and their attempt to travel via transit flights to an Arab city or on virtual visas without following the methods stipulated in the Gateway Law; These citizens wrote reports against brokers and mediators who deluded them into the possibility of traveling for Umrah by these illegal methods, despite the fact that the trips did not officially start, and without resorting to an approved tourism company.

The Chamber confirmed that it is in full cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism in coordination around the clock in all travel outlets at airports and with the various security agencies at those airports, especially the passport police, to monitor attempts to travel through those ports on the pretext of heading to a number of Arab capitals, and by examining their passports and travel papers, it was found that those The Arab capitals are just a transit station through which to travel to perform Umrah in violation of the recently issued Egyptian Portal for Umrah Law, which regulates the process of traveling to perform Umrah through registration in the portal.

She indicated that the aim of the law is to ensure the safety of citizens wishing to travel to perform Umrah and to ensure that they obtain their full rights and work on their comfort and safety from travel to return, explaining that there are some brokers and mediators trying to circumvent this law by traveling outside that system via transit in some capitals and then travel from them. To perform Umrah, which threatens the rights of these citizens and the lack of follow-up through the Ministry of Tourism.

The Chamber commended the close cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and all concerned authorities for the success of the Umrah system and the protection of citizens’ rights in accordance with the law, stressing the need for citizens wishing to travel to perform Umrah to ensure that the company chosen to travel through it is registered on the Egyptian portal for Umrah, and they can also ensure the safety of all Travel procedures through the website of the Egyptian portal for Umrah.

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