With “poison in the bottle” .. “Qamar” killed her two daughters in Al-Sharqiya: “I am not a navigator.”

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Friday 23 September 2022

Books – Sameh Ghaith:

With her trembling hands, the mother grabbed the “poison bag.”

The foregoing was not a movie scene, but rather a real incident that took place in a village in the Sharkia Governorate. After the investigation with the accused, the court referred the case’s papers to the Mufti of the Republic, and set the next October 16 session to pronounce the verdict.

early 2021; After 6 months of engagement, “Qamar” (18 years – a housewife) got married to her groom, who is two years older than her and works as a scrap collector.

About a year after Qamar’s marriage, she gave birth to her twin daughters, “Mecca and Malika.”

Since their arrival, they have not been breastfed by the mother, which prompted the father to buy external milk, which carried the family beyond its ability, and repeated quarrels between the spouses due to the scarcity of external milk and its unavailability in abundance at home due to its high cost compared to the family’s income, especially after the wife left work to help her husband collect scrap.

The wife tried to leave her two infants at home and go out to work with her husband collecting scrap so that she could save money to buy external milk, but her attempt failed because the twins were affected by her absence.

The tightness of the hand and the many needs of the twins transformed the mother’s joy at their arrival into misery and repeated thinking about getting rid of them, but without knowing how this happened, according to the mother’s statements in the Public Prosecution’s investigations.

One day, while collecting scrap from the governorate of Ismailia, the mother-in-law found a bag containing a poisonous substance. As soon as she returned home, she told her son and his “accused” wife that she had found a bag of insect killer “poison”: “This is insect poison.” Here the mother found what she wanted and decided to use it to get rid of her two children.

On the evening of Thursday, March 31, 2022, the wife decided to carry out her devilish scheme; She waited until her husband went to bed, and asked his mother, her “mother-in-law,” a bag of poison: “I want poison so that I can spray the insects in the room.”

The clock is pointing to ten in the evening, the husband is falling asleep after a hard day’s work and the twins are next to him. The wife puts a quantity of poison in the “baby bottles” designated for feeding the twins, and mixes the milk with the poison, then wakes the two girls, nurses them, and leaves them on the bed.

In an attempt to hide her crime, she captured the accused by washing the bottles, put clean milk in them, and went to sleep next to the twins.

After a while, the effect of the poison began to appear on the twins. “Makkah” screamed a cry that woke her “father’s mother.” She rushed to wake the “accused” mother, and found “Makkah” died while “Malika” was struggling with death. Malika was transferred to the hospital, but attempts to rescue her were unsuccessful.

The hospital informed the Husseiniya police station, and investigations revealed the mother’s involvement in the killing of her two daughters.

By confronting the mother with the investigations, she confessed to committing the crime and confessed in detail to that and justified the commission of the incident: “It is not prosecuted for their expenses.”

The Zagazig Criminal Court decided to refer the accused’s papers to the Mufti of the Republic, and set the next October 16 session to pronounce the verdict.

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