Without mercy, heart, or fear.. a mother went to attend wedding parties and left her infant daughter at home alone.. and when she came back late, the shock was unimaginable and no human being can bear!

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Mothers have always been the most loving people with children and may sacrifice their lives for their children, but some stories are strange.

She was not like other mothers who devote their lives to their children, as she left the house for 6 consecutive days, which made her infant daughter face hunger alone until he died.

In the details, which were reported by the British newspaper “The Sun”, the authorities concluded that the 19-year-old mother, Vervey Cody, left her 20-month-old daughter Asia alone without care at the family home two years ago, which led to her starvation. .

Authorities said the baby girl faced “almost unimaginable suffering” before her death.

The mother had gone out to attend parties in London, Coventry and Solihull, during the marathon period in December 2010, and was spotted by cameras in a nightclub during those days.

Upon her return home, the mother found her daughter’s lifeless body, so she tried to call 911, saying: “Help me, my child does not wake up.”

Asya was taken to hospital in Brighton, Britain, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival there.

The coroner’s report concluded that Asya suffered from dehydration and starvation, and died of influenza and neglect.

The coroner’s assistant says that there is a need for more information to know the circumstances of the child’s care before her death, noting that an investigation will begin in this matter, amid information that she left her daughter at least 6 times before.

The mother claimed that she was taking care of her daughter when her life deteriorated and she died, but in fact she was far from home, and she tried to weave a novel that absolved herself of neglect, but it failed. The authorities stated that surveillance cameras showed that the mother had left the house for 6 consecutive days.

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