Without shame .. Sama Al-Masry left art and played the game “Minecraft” naked: 112 million people watched

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Do you remember, Egyptians, when Mark, the owner and founder of Facebook made a mistake and opened the search, and it was available for everyone to know the interests of the peoples of the world, and we discovered that the interest of Egyptians over 3 days was pictures and videos?Sama Al MassriLikewise, Madame Nohi, who is divorced.

Sama Al-Masry’s popularity on Instagram and her advice to try live broadcasting of the games

From here, we learned how much Egyptians are interested in Sama Al-Masry, and this is natural and noticeable from her great popularity and the percentage of views of her videos and photos.

It is also noticeable from the comic comment written by a young man with a light-heartedness on a news article entitled 112 million players for the game “Minecraft” .. per month

Where the young man wrote, Hello, if Sama knows this game and benefits from 112 million visits per month, you will eat money like grapes.

Another reply to him, but you will definitely not go out in this bikini, it will evolve and you will appear completely naked.

Here is the information about the mighty game

Many games are sweeping around the world, such as the now-famous game “Fortnite” and others that attract millions of players, and at the same time, the independent video game “Minecraft” continues to quietly take over a large part of the gaming market, since previous cores until now, according to what Business Insider reported.

More than 112 million players play the game every month, according to Business Insider. This represents a jump of more than 20 million players since the last time the company announced it in October 2018, and it is considered a very huge increase in the number of players, given that the game has been available for more than 10 years, and the number includes players across game consoles, computers and devices. portable. It is worth noting that the Minecraft video game is not free on many of the platforms it is available on, as tens of millions of new gamers who have joined since last year have purchased the game in one way or another, whether it is a direct purchase of a physical copy in a store or as part of a subscription service. In the famous “Game Pass” from “Minecraft” or from a digital purchase.

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