Your bank account was stopped.. the fall of a gang seizing bank balances from citizens

The Ministry of Interior agencies continued to combat the crimes of seizing electronic payment card data as part of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to combat crime in all its forms, especially electronic crimes.

The information and investigations of the National Security Sector, with the participation of the General Department for Combating Public Funds Crimes in the Anti-Public Funds Crimes and Organized Crime Sector, confirmed that (two persons, residing in the Adwa Police Station Department in Minya) engaged in criminal activity in the field of defrauding citizens and seizing their money by impersonating them as a service employee. Bank customers and sending text messages to deceive the victims of stopping their bank account and asking them to call claiming to update the data to reactivate that account and then use that data to seize the balances of the victims’ accounts through purchases on e-shopping sites via the international information network “Internet” or passing them through wallets They are registered under names that do not belong to them to avoid security prosecution and that they are behind the commission of many recent crimes.

After legalizing the procedures, they were seized in their place of residence, and they were in possession of (9 mobile phones used in committing their crimes, and by technical examination it was found that they contain (text messages that the accused send to their victims – many electronic payment card data seized from some of the victims – many online shopping sites used). In making purchases under the seized bank cards and the e-mails used in their names to make purchases, most of which are modern mobile phones (a sum of money) from the proceeds of their criminal activity.

The investigations also added that the accused are behind the commission of many other incidents, and by discussing them, they confessed their criminal activity as indicated, and one of the accused jointly added (the owner of a mobile phone shop located in the Adwa police station in Minya) with them in committing their crimes by providing mobile phones as well as activated mobile lines Which is registered in the names of different people “without their knowledge” used in their criminal activity, in addition to being an intermediary for them through its own shop in displaying and selling mobile phones, the proceeds of the criminal activity that were purchased from websites under the seized bank cards and sharing with them the sums of money obtained as a result of selling them With the guidance of one of the accused, and in coordination with the Public Security Sector and the Minya Security Directorate, the latter was arrested with (133 mobile phones without invoices from the proceeds of their crimes – 56 mobile phone SIMs, all activated and registered in the names of different people – 6 visa cards for several banks in the name of the last accused – an amount of money from The outcome of his criminal activity) and by confronting him, he confessed his criminal activity in association with the arrested suspects as indicated.

Forgery can be defined in the law as “the appropriation of movable money owned by others by using one of the fraudulent means stipulated in the law with the intention of owning it,” or “the appropriation of something owned, fraudulently with the intent to own that thing,” or “the appropriation of another person’s money by deception with the intention of owning it.” “, or “the appropriation of movable money owned by others, based on fraud with the intention of owning it,” and the person who practices that is called a quorum, an impostor, or a fraud.

The crime of fraud is one of the crimes that represent the assault on property because the offender aims by using fraudulent methods to seize all or some of the money of others, and this leads the victim to surrender his money by the influence of these fraudulent methods.

Article 336 of Penalties states: “Whoever manages to seize money, offers, debt bonds, clearance bonds, or any movable possessions by fraud to steal all or some of the wealth of others, either by using fraudulent methods that lead to misleading people of the existence of a false or A forged incident, or the hope of obtaining an imaginary profit, or the payment of the amount that was taken fraudulently, or their delusion of the existence of an incorrect debt deed or a forged clearance deed, either by disposing of fixed or movable money that does not belong to him and he has no right to dispose of it, or by taking a false name or description. It is incorrect. As for the one who attempts to commit fraud and does not complete it, he shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year. The offender may be made in the event of recidivism under police observation for a period of at least one year and two years at most.”

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