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“Your teacher was late outside the house” .. How did an engineer get rid of his wife?

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Thursday 10 November 2022

Books – Mahmoud El-Shorbagy:
Since her marriage, L.M., a housewife, used to visit her family’s home from time to time in the Sharkia Governorate to check on her parents and siblings, without the husband causing any crises because of her frequent visits.
But in December of 2019, something happened and the usual scenario changed, and the wife lost her life at the hands of her husband, after they quarreled because of her late return from her family home.
In a new episode of “Blood in the Marriage Nest”, which “Masrawy” deals with from the reality of official investigations and various sources, we tell the details of the killing of a schoolteacher at the hands of her husband in Sharkia Governorate, and in an attempt by the husband to hide the crime, the husband claimed that the victim fell from above, but their daughter revealed He faked his claim that “Papa beat Mama and she died”.
Seven years ago, the accused, 35, an engineer, proposed to the victim, “six years younger than him”, despite her family’s refusal to do so.
The couple moved to live in an apartment in the husband’s family home, which is about 200 meters from the bride’s family home. Taking care of their two children’s affairs.
A year ago, the husband left a job in Saudi Arabia, and returned to work in Egypt and settled with his family. A relative of the “victim” wife says: As soon as he returned, the problems knew the path of the stable family, and the people used to hear the sounds of the couple’s quarrels, “his mother always incited him against his wife.”
On the evening of December 15, 2019, while the husband was busy with his work in a company on the sixth of October, his mother called him and told him that his wife was late in coming home, “You woman is late outside,” a neighbor says: “The husband came back angry at his work, and as soon as his wife saw her violence: eh? Who kept you outside?” The discussion got heated up between them, and he beat her and pushed her with his hand.
The husband and his mother rushed the victim to Minya al-Qamh Hospital, hoping to rescue her, to no avail. The wife died of a head wound.
The hospital’s security official, in turn, informed the head of the Minya al-Qamh investigations of receiving the body and the existence of a criminal suspicion, and by asking the husband at first, he claimed that the victim lost her balance and fell to the ground, but his daughter revealed the falseness of his claim, and that he assaulted the mother by beating, which led to her death.
Confronting the husband with his daughter’s statements, he admitted them, pointing out that he pushed his wife with his hand during their quarrel, so she hit her head against the wall and unintentionally fell to the ground, which resulted in her injury that caused his death.
The necessary report was issued and presented to the Public Prosecution, which assigned the accused – according to the referral order – the accusation of beating the victim and did not intend to kill her, so he caused the injuries described in the forensic report, but that beating led to his death.
Subsequently, the case file was referred to the Criminal Court, which sentenced the accused to 7 years in prison, accusing him of beating his wife to death.

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