YouTube channels will display separate tabs for shorts and videos.. Know the details

YouTube added a tab for shorts Now available across all platforms that support Google’s proprietary video sharing service, to promote the short video format and to compete with rollers.

The Videos section of YouTube Channels will now include three separate tabs: Regular Videos, Short Films, and Live Streaming. The Short Films tab will contain only short videos, and while watching the short videos in the Short Films feed, if the user decides to visit The creator’s channel from the feed will be redirected to this new “Short Stories” tab that has been added to the videos section of YouTube channels.

Meanwhile, the tab will feature He lives All live broadcasts including currently active, scheduled or archived streams, and the Videos tab will contain the remaining long content or regular YouTube videos.

YouTube will also introduce filters like ‘Recently Uploaded’ and ‘Popular’ to make it easier for users to search for specific videos in the channel.

The company’s support page explains that this new change will prevent users from scrolling through many videos as regular videos will now be available in a separate tab that will not include short videos and live broadcasts, this will make it easier for users to discover the most interesting content while exploring the creator channel page .

The new change has already started to appear on Android devices, and is expected to reach other platforms in the coming days. Earlier this week, YouTube updated its user interface design with a dark theme and a new mode. Ambient Mode and other updates to the video player across all platforms.

Earlier the videos tab of different YouTube channels included all videos and live streams under one section, however this confusing approach is now changing as the company has started changing the videos tab by adding new sections for short films and live broadcasts on YouTube channels .

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