“YouTube” launches a new feature and reveals a fantastic amount it provided to artists and content makers

The global platform “YouTube” revealed that it provided more than 50 billion dollars to content creators, artists and media companies over the past three years, in its first event called “Made on YouTube”, according to the Emirati Al Bayan website.

Today, YouTube is introducing a new chapter in supporting creative content on the platform, with the Made on YouTube event. The team announced the expansion of the platform’s monetization system, the YouTube Partner Program, to allow more creators to join, offering new ways for creators to monetize ads in Shorts videos, and offering monetization from ads to creators who use music in their videos. which they produce.

The new ad reflects the diversity of the creator community and has allowed more than two million male and female content creators to make money on YouTube through any creative body.

The new update on the platform includes:

Expand the opportunity to join the YouTube Partner Program

Beginning next year, short video makers will be able to apply to the YouTube Partner Program when their channel reaches 1,000 subscribers, and get 10 million short video views in 90 days. New partners will enjoy all the benefits that the YouTube Partner Program has to offer, including monetizing ads with Shorts and long YouTube videos. This is an additional option to current standards where creators of longer videos can still apply to the YouTube Partner Program when they reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Content creators can choose the option that best suits their channel while YouTube maintains the same level of brand safety for advertisers. To support new creators on their YouTube journey, the platform will also introduce a new level of YouTube Partner Program with lower requirements providing early access to fan funding features such as Super Thanks, Super Stickers, Super Stickers, and channel subscriptions.

Introducing the first-of-its-kind revenue sharing model for YouTube Shorts

Shorts for short videos is spread all over the world, with global daily views of nearly 30 billion and over 1.5 billion monthly registered users. To support and reward this new creative category, in early 2023 we will start using a different revenue sharing model with current and future Shorts Creators. Because ads are shown between videos in Shorts Feed, revenue from these ads will be added in the form of a monthly bonus to creators and help cover music licensing costs. Of the total amount earmarked for support, creators will retain 45 percent of the revenue, based on their share of YouTube Shorts’ total views. The share remains the same regardless of whether the track is used or not.

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