Zamalek announces the contract with Mustafa Al-Zanari, coming from the Vanguard of the Army

Zamalek club has officially announced the signing of Mostafa El-Zanari, defender of the Vanguard team, during the current summer transfer period.

Mustafa Al-Zinari signed the transfer contracts for Zamalek in a session that brought him together with Amir Mortada, the supervisor of the ball in the White Castle.

And the official page of the Zamalek club, via Twitter, published a picture of Mustafa Al-Zinari in the white Citadel shirt, commenting on it: Mustafa Al-Zinari is here in the colors of Zamalek .. Hello Mustafa.

Zamalek had announced the signing of Nabil Imad Donga, a midfielder for the Pyramids team, during the current summer transfer period, after an agreement was reached between the management of the two clubs..

The medical staff of Zamalek, headed by Dr. Mohamed Osama, is keen to communicate with Donga, to check on his injury, after the x-rays he underwent confirmed that he had cartilage in the outer knee, during the team’s training at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria..

The medical system hopes for a speedy recovery of the player and his return to participation to record the first appearance with the sons of Mit Oqba Castle, where his injury needs approximately 6 weeks to recover..

And “The Seventh Day” was informed that the Zamalek list includes 27 players, including 5 new names: Senegalese Ibrahima Naday, Moroccan Zakaria Al-Wardi, Omar Jaber and Nabil Imad Dunga after the success in contracting them from Pyramids Club, and Mostafa El-Zanari after contracting with him from the Vanguards of the Army. Mohamed Sobhi, the goalkeeper, was registered after the end of his loan from Farco Club.

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