Zamalek calls on the Football Association to intervene to solve the crisis of its players with the national team before the Chad Champion match

Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the Zamalek football team, appealed to the Football Association to intervene to solve the Zamalek crisis against Chadian Elect in the African Champions League.

Amir Mortada Mansour said in an intervention with Khaled Al-Ghandour on the “Zamalkawi” program broadcast on the Zamalek channel: “The Football Association contacted the Chadian Federation to postpone the first leg match in order to play the Al Hilal match in the Lusail Cup, and indeed the match was postponed.”

He continued, “There was no coordination between us and the Football Association regarding the Egyptian national team camp and the date of the Chadian Elect matches, and we did not receive any notification from the team administrator to summon the players, and we did not receive any answer.”

He explained: “We learned that the administrator contacted the team to join, and I was surprised at today’s training that the Zamalek international players joined the national team camp without notifying us.”

He added, “We formally addressed the Football Association yesterday to confirm that there was a crisis before the Elect match due to the international players joining the national team camp, and the Football Association notified us officially half an hour ago to request the quadruple Fattouh, Al Wench, Zizou and Imam Ashour.”

And he continued, “Why do we issue a problem without any problem, especially since the two friendly matches will not affect the team if the players of Zamalek do not participate, and Zamalek has an important match against the Chadian Elect and question marks on the position of the Football Association regarding the accession of international players, especially since Zamalek has only 14 players Just for the match.

He concluded: “I appeal to the Football Association to allow the international players of Zamalek to play the Elect match, and the national team manager, Mohamed Gharaba, should have coordinated with us before the international players joined, and Ferreira is deeply upset by the position of the Football Association.”

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