Zamalek news – A Latin striker, a substitute for Marwan Hamdi, and a regulations expert confirms

Sep 13, 2022 at 11:24 am

A replacement Latin striker, Marwan Hamdi, and an expert on regulations confirms Zamalek’s contract with Sobhi Sharia and Ibn Al-Moallem rejects the departure of the Al-Ahly Bank trio to Zamalek and the return of Mustafa Fathi

The news of Zamalek varied, in the satellite forces that we review in the following lines.

Al-Sager reveals a South American striker on the radar of Zamalek, replacing Marwan Hamdi

Ahmed Hassan, the captain of the national team and the former star of Zamalek and Al-Ahly, revealed that the Zamalek administration is looking to contract with a foreign striker during the current summer transfers, especially after Marwan Hamdi’s departure from the team.

Ahmed Hassan, the former Egyptian football star, wrote through his official account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Specially .. Zamalek is looking for a foreign striker from Latin America after the departure of Marwan Hamdi.”

Al-Sager added, “Ferrera receives CVs of a large number of players before the matter is resolved.”

Talal Abdel Latif: The player’s desire is the final decision to transfer “Sobhi” to Zamalek

Talal Abdel Latif, sports regulations expert, confirmed that the position of Zamalek Club in returning Mohamed Sobhi, the team’s goalkeeper, from the ranks of Farco Club in the new season is completely correct and legal, and there is no condemnation in the position of the White Castle or the goalkeeper.

Talal Abdel Latif, sports regulations expert, said on the “Primo” program on the “Ten” channel with the journalist Mohamed Farouk: “The player’s desire is the Faisal to transfer Mohamed Sobhi to Zamalek club again, which settled the deal in favor of the White Castle, despite his participation with Farco in Last season there was an intention to activate the purchase clause.”

And he continued, “Zamalek’s position in the deal to return Mohamed Sobhi Selim is completely legal.”

Shabana reveals exciting details behind the scenes of Al Rayyan’s show for Zizou

The journalist, Mohamed Shabana, revealed exciting details behind the scenes of Al-Rayyan’s presentation to Ahmed Sayed Zizuz, the Zamalek player.

And Muhammad Shabana continued, in televised statements to his “Box to Box” program, broadcast on the ETC satellite channel, that Al-Rayyan sent a representative called Jassem to Cairo to finalize the deal on August 9 until 12 of the same month, and made an offer to the player that amounted to $3 million.

Shabana added, the president of Zamalek and Amir Mortada Mansour agreed to Al Rayyan’s offer to include Ahmed Sayed Zizou, but public pressure forced them to back down in completing the deal, as well as Zizou’s willingness to stay in the White Club for the love of his fans.

Shabana concluded, “The talk about Al-Rayyan’s offer of $ 5 million to include Zizou is unfounded.

Shabana: Zamalek begins negotiations with cooperation to include Mostafa Fathi

The journalist, Mohamed Shabana, confirmed that the Zamalek administration began negotiations with Al-Taawon Club to include Mostafa Fathi, the team’s player, during the next season, after the player’s travel to cooperation faltered due to the conditions of recruitment.

And Mohamed Shabana continued, in televised statements to his program, Box to Box, broadcast on the ETC satellite channel, Zamalek officials renewed negotiations with the player after the Al-Hilal match, in addition to negotiating with Al-Taawon Club in order to agree on financial matters in the deal, especially since Zamalek has 400 thousand dollars remaining from the value of the deal so far. .

Shabana concluded, Al-Ahly completely exited the deal in the last period and froze negotiations with Mustafa Fathi because of their priority in contracting with Mustafa Shalabi, a player from Enppi.

Al-Ahly Bank: There is no intention to forfeit any player from the main team
Karim Hassan Shehata, director of football at Al-Ahly Bank, confirmed that there is no intention to forfeit any player from the main team during the coming period.
Shehata said in televised statements on the Rimontada program broadcast on Al-Mehwar satellite channel: “The National Bank is committed to all its main players, and we do not pay attention to financial temptations, because we want to maintain the strength of the main team in order to compete in the coming years.”
He continued, “Offers have arrived for a large number of players, such as Ahmed Yassin, Nasser Mansi and Karim Bambo, but there is no intention to neglect any player in the team during the coming period.”
He continued: “The management of the National Bank does not pay attention to the money and its goal is to preserve the players during the coming period.”
And he concluded: “We will sign 5 or 6 new deals during the current season, and I thank Maarouf Youssef for everything he did with the team, because his contract with the team has expired, and he will leave the club.”

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