Zamalek news – Ferreira decides the fate of the goalkeeper between Awad and Sobhi

September 12, 2022 at 3:17 pm

Hani Essam

A source within the first football team of Zamalek revealed the position of the Portuguese coach, Josevaldo Ferreira, regarding the duo, Mohamed Awad and Mohamed Sobhi, and the participation of any of them mainly.
The source confirmed that Ferreira will rely on Mohamed Awad in the basic formation and reject the idea of ​​rotation in the goalkeeper so that the two goalkeepers are not affected mainly.
He continued, “Awwad will be the first goalkeeper, and Mohamed Sobhi will be the second goalkeeper, and the participation of the latter will be in the event of an injury, suspension of Mohamed Awad, or a decline in his level.”
Zamalek had announced the return of Mohamed Sobhi to the team, starting from next season, after the end of his loan to Farco.
Yesterday, the Zamalek first team football training witnessed the presence of goalkeeper Mohamed Sobhi, after his return to the White Castle after the end of his loan to Farco Club.
Portuguese coach Josevaldo Ferreira, members of the technical staff and players were keen to welcome Mohamed Sobhi, and wished him success and achievement of championships with Zamalek during the coming period.
Josevaldo Ferreira was keen to send a message to the goalkeeper during his meeting with the players, assuring him that Zamalek is his home and his return in addition to the team, wishing him success and success with the team during the coming period.
Mohamed Sobhi participated in the group training yesterday, accompanied by Mohamed Awad, Mohamed Nadim and Mr. Attia, the team’s goalkeeper trio under the leadership of Ayman Taher, the guards coach.
The team’s goalkeeper coach welcomed Mohamed Sobhi in particular, gave him special instructions and asked him to focus and make the utmost effort with his colleagues in preparation for the coming period.
Zamalek is preparing to meet its Chadian counterpart, Elect Sport, scheduled for September 18 in Cameroon, in the first leg of the 64th round of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly Bank gets the Zamalek quartet

Al-Ahly Bank has ended its agreement with a new player from Zamalek to join the team, starting next season.
Al-Ahly Bank officials agreed with Razak Cissé, the player of the Zamalek team, to include him in the team’s ranks next season in a free transfer deal, after agreeing on all the details.
Razak Cissé left Zamalek before the end of the season, after his contract with the team officially expired, after he left the accounts of the Portuguese coach, Josevaldo Ferreira.
Razak Cissé received several offers from some clubs in the league championship, but Al-Ahly Bank’s offer is considered the most serious for the player so far.
Major General Ashraf Nassar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Bank Club, concluded his agreement with Counselor Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, to extend the loan of Osama Faisal for two seasons to complete his career with the National Bank team during the coming period.
The two parties also agreed to transfer Zamalek midfielder Hamdi Alaa to the Al-Ahly Bank team on loan for a season.
In light of the strong relations between the officials of the two clubs
Major General Ashraf Nassar completed the transfer of Islam Jaber to the ranks of the National Bank of Egypt, a final sale, and the contract period will be three years.
The Zamalek team continues its training in preparation for facing Chad’s Elect in the first leg of the preliminary round of the African Champions League on September 18, before playing the second leg a week later.
Zamalek officials gave Ferreira complete freedom to determine the list of those who left the team next season, along with new deals, after watching a large number of records for players in the league, along with the list of foreigners, in order to choose the best for him and in line with his technical strategy during the next season with the team, after he led Zamalek to crown the two league championships. And the Egypt Cup last season and presented distinguished levels.

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