Zamalek news – Mido evaluates Mercato Zamalek through “MR. X”: a blow

Sep 21, 2022 at 11:14 pm

mido Mercato Zamalek is being held through “MR. X”: a master strike in the manner of Buss Al-Asfoura
Mohab Mamdouh

Ahmed Hossam Mido, the former star of the Egyptian national team, commented on the Zamalek deals in the current Mercato, stressing that the club had not compensated for the departure of Moroccan Ashraf Ben Sharqi so far.
Mido said through the “MR. X” program on the “Xsports” platform: “As for Mercato Zamalek, the club has greatly improved its position in the goalkeeping position, especially after the departure of Mohamed Abu Jabal, as well as Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jensh, with the renewal of Mohamed Bassam’s contract in the Vanguard of the Army, and the management of Zamalek played a wonderful game in the file of the Mohamed Sobhi deal, starting with the president of Zamalek and his attack on Sobhi, which made everyone expect Sobhi to continue in Farco. Make sure that his contract with Sobhi is legal, so Sobhi’s return is a masterstroke, and the championship team must be built from the back line correctly.”
He added: “Zamalek needed a distinguished defense center, and Mustafa Al-Zanari, the player of the pioneers of the army, is one of the best players in the league and a different defender, as I talked about the winch that the future of defense in Egypt will be the same for Mustafa Al-Zanari, a strong, fast and different player.”
He continued: “Ibrahim Nadayi and Zakaria Al-Wardi are a good duo, and Dunga is a Pyramids player who needs tactical awareness, so he will have a different player with Ferrera. Dunga with Ferreira
And about Omar Jaber, he said: “There is nothing better than Omar Jaber to strengthen the right front in Zamalek. He has the Zamalek genes. He only has some problems in the front line, but he will be a strong addition to the Zamalek list.”
And about Samson Aquinola: “I watched his videos. He is a player like a tank and a strong player, and if he scores the same goals he scored in his videos, it will be an addition.”
He concluded his speech by saying: “Zamalek is still in need of a strong wing, as the club has not compensated for the departure of Ashraf bin Sharqi so far, and Ibrahim Naday is a good player, but he is different from bin Sharqi.”

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