Zamalek news – Urgent The scandal of the new Al-Ahly deal .. an attack on

September 13, 2022 at 4:05 pm

Urgent The scandal of the new Al-Ahly deal… an assault on the referee and an awaited punishment

Mohab Mamdouh

The Sports Disciplinary Court in Bolivar opened an investigation against the Brazilian striker, Bruno Savio, who joined the ranks of Al-Ahly from the Bolivar team, on the sidelines of his objection to the referee Jad Flores during his team’s match against Club Always Reddy, which ended in Bolivar’s 3-0 victory on September 4, 2022 in the league championship competitions. .

The story began with Bruno Savio’s objection to one of the decisions of referee Jad Flores, but Bruno’s objection was so great that he hit his head in the face of the referee, which prompted the referee to show the red card to Bruno Savio, in the 46th minute, after Bruno scored the third goal for his team In the 38th minute of the match.

The referee in the match report indicated that the Brazilian player used violent behavior with him after hitting the referee’s forehead, and used some outrageous words, and Savio repeated the violent behavior through which he again objected to the referee.

Although Bruno Savio was summoned to the disciplinary court in Bolivar for the football sector, in order to open an investigation with him, the player left for Egypt and arrived in Cairo during the past hours in preparation for the transfer to Al-Ahly officially, as reports indicated that the expected punishment against the player in Bolivar will not affect Therefore, there is no crisis in his transfer to the ranks of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club.

It is expected that the Brazilian player will undergo a full medical examination today, before the official announcement of the player’s inclusion by Al-Ahly club.

Shabana: Surprise… Despite Bobo’s participation in the Confederation… Al-Ahly refuses to back down from the deal

The media, Mohamed Shabana, confirmed that Mohamed Reda Bobo, the player of the Future team, that Al-Ahly’s negotiations with the player are still continuing even after his participation with Future in the African Confederation. So far, he wants to include him, even if he participates only locally without being with his team in the African Championship. Shabana concluded, Al-Ahly is highly convinced of Bobo’s capabilities and capabilities, which made them adhere to the fullest extent to complete the deal.

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