Zamalek news – Urgent.. Zamalek settles the Omar Jaber and Nabil Emad deal

September 15, 2022 at 9:01 pm

The sources deny each other .. The African Union raises a new controversy

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) sparked a new controversy during the past hours due to the decision to extend the registration period for clubs or not.
The story began when a source within CAF stated yesterday to news websites that the Confederation of African Football Committee had settled on extending the club’s registration until September 23, noting that the Committee had rejected a proposal to extend the registration until the end of this September.
And it is assumed that the registration of club players in the African list will expire today, Thursday, September 15, before the aforementioned statements.
On the other hand, another source within Kef stated that the African club registration will be closed today, Thursday, and there is no intention to extend it until September 23, as it is reported.
In the same regard, the Egyptian Football Association will close today, Thursday, the door for registering and registering the preliminary lists of clubs that include old players, in preparation for the new league season 2022/2023. The Football Association opened the door for registration for the new season on September 1, and the registration for the preliminary lists will be closed today, and registration for the additional lists of the Premier League ends on October 10.
The preliminary round matches of the African Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup began last week, and the return matches in the preliminary round will be held at the beginning of next week.

Al-Ghandour reveals 6 deals
The journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour, the former star of the Zamalek club, revealed the latest developments in the file of the new Zamalek club deals, which are expected to be contracted to support the team’s ranks at the beginning of the new season.
Khaled Al-Ghandour said on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Officially, Zamalek completed 4 deals, and transferred the money to the clubs, other than Naday, Al-Wardi, Samson, Sobhi and Zizou.

Zamalek travels to Cameroon to face Chad champion

It is expected that the Zamalek mission under the leadership of Portuguese Ferreira will leave for Cameroon on Friday, in preparation for facing the Chadian team Eliket, scheduled for next Sunday, in the first leg of the 64th round of the preliminary round of the African Champions League.
The team players and members of the technical staff received all special vaccinations before traveling to Cameroon, in preparation for facing the Chadian team Elect.

Urgent Omar Jaber and Nabil Dunga in Zamalek officially with this step

Sarah Abdel Baqi

Pyramids club officials obtained the value of the transfer of Omar Gaber, right-back, and Nabil Imad Donga, to Zamalek during the past few hours.
A source inside the Zamalek club said that the club obtained the dispensation, after agreeing on all the details of the deal and the signing of the contracts by the two.
A source in the Pyramids Club confirmed that his club sent the players’ dispensation a while ago and will arrive in Zamalek this evening, so that Zamalek can register the players locally and in Africa today.

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