Zamalek news – Zamalek in the newspapers. Nasser Mansi is close to Zamalek

September 15, 2022 at 7:39 pm

Homeland Amir Mortada moves to include Al-Ahly’s goal and Marwan Attia

A source inside the White Castle revealed that Zamalek club officials moved to sign Mostafa Shalaby, a player from Enppi, during the current summer transfer period to support the team’s ranks.

Amir Mortada met with the president of Enppi club Ayman Al-Sharia, in order to end the deal, in light of the conviction of the Portuguese coach, Gisvaldo Ferreira, of the player’s level.

Marwan Attia, the Alexandrian player for Al-Abyad’s accounts, also returned again in order to include him, and Amir Mortada is indeed pressing to include him, but the Alexandria team’s management has so far refused to compromise the player’s services.

Al-Watan Nasser Mansi clings to Zamalek and Mahmoud Alaa approaches Al-Ahly Bank

Nasser Mansi, the Al-Ahly club striker, insisted on moving to Zamalek during the current summer transfers, in light of the White Club’s desire to sign him.
And the club’s source revealed that Nasser Mansi is pressing the Al-Ahly Bank club’s management to agree to his departure to Zamalek.

Hammoud Alaa facilitates the transfer of Nasser Mansi to Zamalek. On the other hand, the Al-Ahly Bank club refuses to neglect Nasser Mansi’s services in favor of Zamalek, especially since it was one of the main elements in the team last season.
Al-Watan Sport learned that the possible transfer of Mahmoud Alaa, the defender of Zamalek, to Al-Ahly Bank, may facilitate the transfer of Nasser Mansi to the White Castle, during the current summer transfer period.
Zamalek club wants to sign Nasser Mansi, to support the team’s offensive line during the current summer transfers, in preparation for the new season.
Al-Ahly Bank ends its agreement with Mahmoud Alaa, and “Al-Watan Sport” revealed earlier that the Al-Ahly Bank club had terminated its agreement with Mahmoud Alaa, to include him during the current summer transfer period.
The Al-Ahly Bank Club concluded its agreement with the Zamalek Club to obtain the services of Mahmoud Alaa, during the current summer Mercato.
Nasser Mansi starred with Al-Ahly Bank remarkably since he joined the team during the last winter transfers, coming from Pyramids Club.
Nasser Mansi participated with Al-Ahly Bank in 28 matches last season, scoring 13 goals and making 4 others.
Al-Ahly Bank contracted with 6 players during the current summer transfer period, and they are Ahmed Tawfiq, the former Pyramids player in a free transfer deal, Islam Jaber, Hamdi Alaa and Osama Faisal from Zamalek Club, Muhammad Abu Jabal in a free transfer deal and Adham Hamed from Al-Nasr Club.

Zamalek calls up Samson Aquinola
Sarah Abdel Baqi

Zamalek club officials sent airline tickets for Benin striker Samson Akinola, the Venezuelan player of the Caracas team, to come to Cairo during the next few days to announce his transfer to Zamalek.
A source in the Zamalek club’s board of directors confirmed that Zamalek had reached an agreement with Venezuelan Caracas officials to include the player for one million dollars in the current transfer period.
The source explained that the deal will be officially announced upon his arrival in Cairo and undergoing a medical examination.
The source stressed that the negotiations between Zamalek and the Venezuelan club did not take long, given that the game welcomed the move to Zamalek.

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