Zamalek news – Zamalek settles on a shocking decision in the Omar Kamal Abdel deal

September 11, 2022 at 4:37 pm

Hani Essam

A source inside the Zamalek club revealed their position towards Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, the player of the Future team, and his inclusion in the team’s ranks starting next season.
The source confirmed that Zamalek closed the door permanently to the inclusion of Omar Kamal next season, noting that the administration decided to completely freeze the negotiations with the player and his club.
Zamalek’s decision came after Omar Kamal participated with Future yesterday in the first leg of the preliminary round of the African Confederation, which will prevent the player from participating with Zamalek in the African Champions League if he is included at the end of the competition.
The source stressed that the Zamalek administration dismissed the player’s inclusion and took him out of its accounts for the new football season.
Portuguese coach Josefaldo Ferreira, coach of the first football team in Zamalek, refused to give the players a rest today from training, after the delegation returned to Cairo yesterday evening, coming from the Qatari capital, Doha, on a private plane, after facing Al Hilal Saudi Arabia in the “Super Lusail” Cup.
The coach decided to train the team today at eight in the evening at the Abdel Latif Abu Abourjeila stadium at the club’s headquarters.
Zamalek is preparing to meet its Chadian counterpart, Elect Sport, scheduled for next Sunday, September 18, in Cameroon, in the first leg of the 64th round of the African Champions League.

We reveal the value of Mohamed Sobhi’s contract with Zamalek
A source inside the Zamalek club revealed the value of the goalkeeper’s contract, Mohamed Sobhi, after his return to the White Castle and the official announcement of his presence with the team next season.
The source confirmed that Mohamed Sobhi will receive approximately 8 million per season, which was a main reason behind the player’s return to the team and his decision not to continue with Farco.
Farco announced earlier the activation of the clause to buy Mohamed Sobhi’s contract, and the goalkeeper was around the corner from joining Al-Ahly before the negotiations between the two parties were frozen, so that Zamalek decided to return the player again after the intensive contacts made by the administration with the player.
Sobhi’s contract with Zamalek earlier was a young player’s contract after he was joined by Petrojet before, but the administration decided with his return this time to raise the value of his contract in proportion to his level and capabilities with the team.
The goalkeeping position was a headache in the head of the Zamalek administration due to the severe shortage of the team and the presence of only Mohamed Awad after Jensh continued with the Future team and Mohamed Abu Jabal moved to the ranks of Al-Ahly Bank in a free transfer deal.
Zamalek is preparing to meet its Chadian counterpart, Elect Sport, scheduled for next Sunday, September 18, in Cameroon, in the first leg of the 64th round of the African Champions League.

Bayoumi reveals the position of the legal guard
Mohamed Bayoumi, an expert on regulations and laws, spoke about Mohamed Sobhi’s return to the ranks of Zamalek after the end of his loan with Farco Club, especially after news circulated about the latter’s filing a complaint against the player.
Bayoumi said in statements to the “Derby with Omar Rabie Yassin” program on Greater Cairo Radio 102.2 FM: “When a player is loaned, there is something called a collective contract agreement (the tripartite contract), so the loan contract becomes binding on all parties.”
He added: “Secondly, when the player’s loan period ends, his period with his club loaned to him or contracted with him ends, and in the case of Mohamed Sobhi, Farco has the right to take action during the loan year.”
And he continued: “If Farco Club requested to activate the purchase clause during the loan period, which is a year, then it has the right to continue the player and complain.”
And he continued, “Even in light of the suffering of Farco Club from stopping the registration, because it is an extension of a contract, such as with Hadath with Abdullah Al-Saeed and Saif Al-Jaziri.”
He continued, “The question is for Farco Club, did you ask to convert the contract into sale during the loan period? Because after the loan period, the eligibility to purchase clause fell.”
Bayoumi revealed: “The player does not have the right to refuse to extend the contract because he agreed from the beginning that there is a clause with the right to purchase, and if he refuses, the penalty will be imposed on him and he will be suspended for violating the terms of the contract in the loan agreement.”
He added, “If Farco Club has submitted an official request to activate the purchase clause, then Farco has the right to file a complaint to punish the player.”
He concluded: “I want to warn all clubs of foreign lawyers, because they receive an informational fee, so they do not reject cases even if they are settled.”

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