Zamalek studies the position of foreigners’ support after the Football Association’s speech

Zamalek club officials began recalculating the file of strengthening the first football team’s ranks with foreign players, after the Football Association sent a letter to the clubs confirming that players born in 2000 will be registered in the first team list and not under the age.

And Zamalek is recalculating its accounts in the foreign players’ file, as Benin Samson Akinola was supposed to be enrolled in the underage list, before the Football Association confirmed that the player would be registered in the first list.

Zamalek owns 4 foreign players, the Tunisians Hamza Mathlouthi and Saif Al-Jaziri, the Moroccan Zakaria Al-Wardi and the Senegalese Ibrahima Ndaye.

The officials of the Football Association revealed the reason for sending the clubs’ letter regarding the registration of foreigners under the age, and the officials of the Football Association said that Al-Jabaliya would like to confirm that it is not permissible to register a player born in 2000 in the list of the 2001 team in any club, given that the federation allows the registration of 5 players born in 99/2000 in the list 2001 team.

Jabalia officials added that any club that contracts with a foreign player, born in 99 or 2000, will be required to be registered in the first team list.

The Jabaliya officials added that the clubs have the right to recruit foreigners in the Sunni stages, provided that the player is from the same stage, meaning that if a player born in 2001 is included, he will be registered in the 2001 list, and so on.

The Football Association officials continued that the list of the first team in any club does not include the registration of underage players, as each club is entitled to 30 players without specifying a specific number of underage players.

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